Applying your transfers with a heat press

This is all you need.

Implementing your transfers utilizing a heat press has never been easier. The process can be distilled into three precise steps for optimal results.


Exercise diligence in aligning your artwork within the preferred print area. Proper placement is key to the final aesthetic of your printed garment.

2. Heat Pressing

Hot Peel Technique: Deploy your heat press with moderate pressure at a temperature range of 315°F-325°F / 163°C, a setting that we have determined to provide the most successful outcomes. Apply heat for a duration of 6-7 seconds, followed by immediate peeling. Repeat the heat application for an additional 6 seconds to effectively fuse the paint onto the fabric, enhancing durability and reducing glossiness.

Step 3: Accurate Positioning

Begin by accurately positioning the transfer at the desired location on the garment. For optimal results, refer to our comprehensive DTF Transfer Size & Positioning Guide. This will assist in averting any potential application inaccuracies.

Step 4: Applying the Press

Using the Press, apply a medium pressure onto the transfer. The recommended settings are 320°F / 160°C, maintained for a duration of 6-10 seconds for hot peel and 15 for cold peel.

We encourage you to select the technique that best suits your garment type and the design aesthetics you aim to achieve. As always, proceed with caution during the heat press process to ensure safety and maximize results.

Utilizing Your Transfers with a Cricut EasyPress: A Comprehensive Guide

For the application of your transfers using a Cricut EasyPress, the following elements are essential:

  1. Any Garment of Choice
  2. Your Desired Transfer
  3. Cricut EasyPress

Please follow the steps above!

Utilizing Household Iron to Apply Your Transfers

You certainly can utilize a standard iron to apply your transfers. Here’s everything you’ll require:

  • Any type of Garment
  • Your Selected Transfer
  • A Household Iron

    Please follow the steps above!