Content Standards

DTFOrder supports bringing groups and communities together using custom apparel. We appreciate the impact a unifying focal point can have on building relationships among people.

We understand that people have diverse perspectives as communicated through the custom designs they create. However, we must balance our customers’ goals and freedom of expression with the potential negative impact on others and the general public.

We use the following standards to clearly communicate what DTFOrder will, may, or will not print when creating custom products.

DTFOrder uses a set of content standards to set clear expectations about what will be printed. We use a color-coded, stoplight system to identify the types of content that meet our standards:

If a design is found to be questionable, we’ll help you to create an alternative that meets these standards.

DTFOrder content categories are listed below. These descriptions provide general guidance and are not intended to be exhaustive. The ultimate decision on design approval rests with our content standards team.

DTFOrder will not print designs when we are reasonably confident that they:

  • Violate the intellectual property rights of others (see intellectual property policy)
  • Constitute libel, fraud, or other illegal activity
  • Encourage violence or abuse against people or groups
  • Constitute or include hate speech
  • Encourage hate or harassment of private individuals
  • Promote, feature, or encourage the use of hard drugs
  • Feature explicit sexual content or nudity of a non-artistic/health/medical nature
  • Include sexually suggestive images or text involving children
  • Promote, feature, or encourage underage drinking, smoking, or marijuana use

DTFOrder may not print or may require changes to designs that:

  • Include defamatory statements
  • Encourage hate or harassment of public figures
  • Dehumanize people or encourages violence
  • Include vulgar or lewd content
  • Feature sexually suggestive content including images of an artistic/health/medical nature
  • Focus on violence, including events, terms, or images
  • Promote, feature, or encourage illegal activity
  • Promote or defend criminal or alleged criminal acts
  • May inspire harm or violence

DTFOrder will print designs that:

  • Use language and images suitable for people of all ages
  • Are unlikely to offend others
  • Support intellectual property rights by using legally authorized content

Questions About Content Standards & Printing?

If you have any questions about your design, whether it meets our standards for printing or how it may need to be adjusted, please contact one of our DTFOrder representatives using our contact information.