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Experiencing difficulties with your order? Or have a suspicion of copyright or trademark infringement? We invite you to articulate your concerns through our specialized Infringement Submission Form.

At DTFORDER, intellectual property rights are not merely regulations – they are fundamental principles we steadfastly respect and uphold. To protect these rights, we have instituted a robust system designed to review and handle potential infringements.

To facilitate a comprehensive investigation, we request you to meticulously fill out our Infringement Submission Form. This data provides the foundation for us to effectively identify and expeditiously probe the issue at hand.

We would like to emphasize that safeguarding your order and defending your intellectual property rights are our supreme priorities. Be assured that any information you share will be held in the strictest confidence and utilized exclusively for addressing your concerns.

Should you have additional inquiries or concerns, please do not hesitate to engage our dedicated customer service team.

DTFORDER is committed to respecting the intellectual property rights of others and we necessitate the same level of respect from our customers and third-party sellers utilizing our services. If you suspect that your intellectual property rights have been breached by DTFORDER, any of our customers, or through user-generated content on our website, we welcome you to submit a trademark & copyright infringement report through the form provided below.

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Possess pre-composed communication? Please forward it to support@dtforder.com. To expedite the processing of your takedown request, it is vital to distinctly identify the listings you wish to be removed, specifically through a list of corresponding URL(s).