DTF Printing

What is DTF Printing?

Direct To Film (DTF) printing is a technology that allows full-color prints on a variety of fabrics and materials.

How durable are DTF prints?

DTF prints are known for their durability, resistance to fading, cracking, and peeling. For best longevity, we recommend washing on a gentle cycle.

Can I print on any fabric with DTF?

DTF printing works on a variety of materials including cotton, polyester, and leather.

What is the turnaround time for DTF orders?

Depending on the order size and complexity, we typically process orders within 1-3 business days after design approval.

How do I prepare my design for DTF printing?

Upload your high-resolution design directly on our website. Our design team can assist you if needed.

Can I order bulk prints?

Yes, we offer bulk printing services. Contact us directly for a customized quote for bulk orders.

What if I'm not satisfied with my order?

We prioritize customer satisfaction. If you're not completely happy with your order, please reach out to us immediately.

Is DTF eco-friendly?

Yes, DTF uses eco-friendly inks that are safe for both adults and children.

Can I print full-color designs with DTF?

Absolutely! DTF allows for vibrant, full-color prints, complex designs and photo-realistic images.

What file formats do you accept for designs?

We accept most popular graphic file formats, including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and AI. High-resolution files are recommended for the best print quality.

Can DTF printing be used for items other than clothing?

Yes, DTF printing can be used on a wide range of items including tote bags, pillows, hats, and more.

Can I make changes to my order after it's been placed?

We begin processing orders immediately, so changes may not always be possible. If you need to make changes, please contact us as soon as possible.

How do I press DTF sheets?

  1. Preheat your heat press machine to the recommended temperature (usually 315°F/158°C).
  2. Place your garment on the press, ensuring it's smooth and wrinkle-free.
  3. Position your DTF transfer sheet onto the garment with the printed side facing down.
  4. Close the heat press and apply pressure for the recommended time (generally 6 seconds with hot peel and 15 seconds for cold peel).
  5. For cold peel make sure the garment cool for 10-15 minutes. With hot peel you can peel as soon as you press.

Can I reuse DTF sheets?

No, DTF sheets are designed for single use. Once the ink is transferred from the sheet to the garment, it cannot be reused.


Do you ship to addresses outside the United States?

No, we currently only offer shipping within the United States. We do not ship internationally.

What are your shipping rates within the United States?

Our shipping rates vary depending on the weight and size of the package, as well as the destination. Please refer to our shipping rates page for more detailed information.

What shipping carriers do you use?

We primarily use UPS, FedEx, and USPS for our shipping needs within the United States.

Can you ship to P.O. Box addresses?

Yes, we can ship to P.O. Box addresses within the United States, but only via USPS as UPS and FedEx do not deliver to these addresses.

How long does shipping typically take?

Standard shipping typically takes between 3 to 5 business days, while express shipping can be as quick as 1 to 2 business days. Next Day is an additional charge of $39.99. Please note, these times may vary during holidays or due to weather conditions.

Can I track my package after it has been shipped?

Yes, once your package is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email containing your tracking number. You can use this number to track your package.

What happens if my package is lost or damaged?

Please contact our customer service as soon as possible if your package is lost or damaged. We will work with the shipping carrier to resolve the issue.

Can I change my shipping address after my order has been placed?

In most cases, we can change the shipping address if the order has not yet been shipped. Please contact our customer service immediately if you need to change your shipping address.

What is your policy on shipping large or heavy items?

Large or heavy items may require additional shipping charges. The specifics will depend on the item's weight and dimensions. Please refer to our shipping policy for more details.

Is there a cut-off time for same-day shipping?

Yes, orders placed before 1 PM (local time) are typically shipped the same day. Orders placed after this time will be shipped the next business day.

Can I choose the shipping carrier for my order?

In most cases, the shipping carrier is automatically selected based on the package size, weight, and destination. We do not typically offer the option to choose your carrier.

Do you offer free shipping?

Yes order above $99 is free shipping.

Can I pick up my order instead of having it shipped?

This option depends on the policies of our physical store locations. Please check our store policy or contact customer service for more information.

Are there any locations within the United States that you do not ship to?

We ship to all 50 states, including Hawaii and Alaska. However, shipping times to these states may be longer than shipping times to the contiguous 48 states.

What are your policies for shipping during the holiday season?

During the holiday season, shipping times may be longer due to increased demand. We recommend placing your orders early to ensure timely delivery. Please check our holiday shipping policy for more details.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept a variety of payment methods which may include credit cards (like Visa, MasterCard, American Express), debit cards, PayPal, Affirm, direct bank transfers, digital wallets (like Google Pay, Apple Pay), etc, depending on the platform.

Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on your website?

Yes, it is safe to use your credit/debit card on our website. We use industry-standard encryption technologies and secure servers to ensure that your personal and payment information is protected.

Can I use a foreign credit card?

In most cases, yes. We generally accept international credit cards, but please note that transactions may be subject to currency conversion fees from your bank.

Why was my credit card declined?

There could be several reasons why your credit card was declined. These may include insufficient funds, incorrect card details, or your bank's fraud prevention measures. If your card is declined, we recommend you contact your bank for more information.

Do you offer financing or installment payment options?

Some platforms offer financing or installment payment options. These options, when available, are typically presented at checkout.

What should I do if I see an unauthorized charge?

If you see a charge that you don't recognize, we recommend you to contact us first then your bank immediately to dispute the charge.

How long does it take for a refund to process?

The timing for a refund to process can vary depending on the payment method used and the financial institution. Typically, it can take anywhere from 3-5 business days to several weeks.

Can I store my payment information for future purchases?

Yes, usually. Many websites offer the option to securely save your payment information for future transactions. This option, if chosen, may speed up the checkout process on your next purchase.